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"Block Party"
Tampere (Finland)
May 25th, 2011

Choosing four audience members to act as corner posts Henry takes a roll of plastic film and demarcates a square. The intersection is thus completely blocked and in the middle of it a table with place settings has been installed.
Henry approaches the firs car to be stopped by this intervention and invites the three young Afghani men to join him at the table. Two of the young men are very well dressed and they all sit down at the table. A waiter comes over to take everybody's order.
Every time a car arrives Henry jumps up and runs over to ask if the driver or passengers would like to join the others at the table for a drink or some food. Most refuse, explaining that they are in too much of a hurry or that they feel too embarrassed. One young man comes to the table while his two friends stay in the car. One of the Afghani men suggests dancing to entertain the crowd so his friend drives their car a little closer and puts on some traditional Middle Eastern music.
The waiter brings out wine and eventually after 20 minutes some finger food. Henry offers the audience to take some of the finger food and as a last gesture breaks the thin plastic film and invites them all to come join the table.
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