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"Cutting Edge"
Armory Fountain Exhibition New York
March 2011

Henry walked through the various booths at the fair threatening to cut the art on the walls with a real 20 inch chainsaw.
He scored several walls with the blade and made his way slowly through the crowd revving the saw to announce his arrival. His put the chainsaw down inside the Grace Exhibition Space booth and took off the silver mask and fur hat. Henry then made his way up on stage and asked the audience if "anybody had any art for sale". There was no response and then Myk Henry held up a small painting in his hand saying " I bought this painting earlier this afternoon for $180. This painting is now mine. I OWN THIS PAINTING!!". He then went back to the Grace Exhibition Space booth and nailed the painting to the wall.
Henry then started the chainsaw one more time and taking off the long fur coat, proceeded to cut the painting in half. When one half fell to the floor Myk took a handful of gold leaf dust and blew it over the remaining half. He then took a marker and signed the work with his name underneath as well as indicating the price of $380. This was double what he originally paid for the artwork.
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