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"You Beat Me"
Bicicletaria Cultural, Curitiba, Brazil
December 2014

In this performance, Henry explores the divide between male and female and enters both gender's personal space in a provocative playful manner. He lifts one female audience member up onto his shoulders and carries her in an almost caveman like way. Likewise he lifts up a male audience member and holds him for as long as possible in his arm, struggling and displaying the heavier weight between both genders. Struggling, he eventually puts the male participant back down on his feet. A thin sheet of latex is unrolled and Henry kneels down in front of the girl and pushes his head against the rubber approaching her sex in a grotesque and provocative way. He repeats the same process with a more homosexual proposition in front of the male participant.  Henry takes the hands of both participants and uses them to slap his face, gradually accelerating the process. He then begins to violently slap his own face and knocks his head off the walls. A thin green length of fabric is then strung across the room and Henry wraps the middle portion around his throat, cutting off blood flow to his brain and oxygen to his lungs. While doing this he sprays his face with black paint and holds a large carving knife out in front of him. The audience comes to his assistance and cuts him free. Henry ends the performance by blowing miniature bubbles which he attempts to catch before they hit the floor. The performance ends when he successfully catches one tiny bubble. 
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