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Burningman Art Festival, Nevada
August 2008

This super size Hummer is 2 1/2 times bigger than the original model measuring 40 feet long x 18 feet wide x 17 feet high. Half of the Hummer was painted in Military camouflage markings and the other half was painted in a sporty yellow which was overlaid with bright bling bling pop colors. These polar opposites are intended to be seen as a metaphor for the Jeckly and Hyde nature of the American dream.
We are constantly shown images of the armed forces in Irak patrolling the bombed out neighborhoods of Baghdad in their Hummers. Seconds later during the commercial break there will be images of civilian Hummers climbing rugged mountain sides or racing across the salt flats of Nevada. The Hummer is emblematic of a system that thrives on creating illusions of grandeur. How much of the oil from the wells of Iraq will be used to fuel American, sporty, gas guzzling SUV's? But hey let's not think about that too much....gotta have one!
The Hummer is a catalyst for stimulating discourse on some of the fundamental ideals underpinning the American dream. This project was not intended to condone or condemn American values but instead provoke thought on social principals and political standards.
The tires were taken off the structure before it was burnt. As Claes Oldenburg once said "little fire goes a long way toward making a powerful statement."
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