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"Floating Pillow"
Burningman, Nevada
August 2002

The site where the BM art festival takes place is a dried out lakebed, which is exceptionally flat, or level. I submitted a project proposal to the BM curators called "ground level" and envisioned constructing an enormous builders level which would be installed on the horizon. The bubble would remain level between the lines at all times.This project was not accepted for financial reasons so I opted for plan B, which was to imagine taking the bubble out of the level, enlarging it and placing it on the horizon. I planned to leave the bubble installed for a couple of days and invite the public to go inside and explore its interior.
The inflatable form took 3 days to build. A test inflation of the bubble in the campground went smoothly providing a structure which was 40 feet long x 30 feet wide x 16 feet high.
The pillow was released once a day down the desert with the wind. The pillow was inflated and at the right moment released to roll slowly off down the desert for about 2 miles. There was always a group of cyclists that followed the pillow often dropping their bikes to grab the membrane and surf behind it.
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