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"Mood Swing"
Tallinn (Estonia)
June 3rd, 2011

Human emotions are in a constant state of flux. How we as humans communicate feelings of lust, anger, happiness, fear, love,frustration and sadness can be fraught with awkwardness and misunderstanding. The ongoing pressures of everyday existence force our emotional balance to continually change.
"Mood Swing" takes two sets of people and places them into polar opposite emotional groups. What takes place when you superimpose one group of "happy" people next to another group of "angry" people? Will the couples dancing slowly to George Michael's "Careless Whisper" continue to dance while the angry group releases their anger in the room next door?
Black and white paint is smeared on both sides of Henry's face while he dances in one room and hit's the floor with an axe handle in the other room.
Henry finishes the performance by placing a pig heart on a pedestal and chopping it in half with the axe.
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