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"Never Ending Freedom"
Miami/Basel Art Fair
December 2011

Walk the line Miami 2011.jpg
Henry stood on a small platform and began the performance by holding up a series of child like questions which were marked on sheets of paper. For example: " Daddy are all Muslims terrorists" or " Daddy why doesn't everybody have health insurance?" A video clip of General Wesley Clarks speech about the US attacking seven middle eastern countries in five years is projected onto the wall while Henry wears a soldier's helmet. Throughout the performance several participants paint Henry's body with military camouflage colors. He takes off the helmet and puts on a police hat while a video clip is projected of New York police commissioner Ray Kelly's speech about spending 3 billion dollars on the new hi-tech NYPD anti-terrorist system.
At the end of the performance Henry climbs up onto the roof of the Fountain Art Fair building and walks out on a plank wearing the soldier's helmet. He does not have any safety net or harness and salutes when he reaches the end. He returns to the roof and comes back out on the plank wearing the police hat. He makes as he is looking through binoculars at the end of the plank. Henry goes back to the roof and returns wearing no hat and gold leaf blows out of his hand and down onto the crowd below.
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